Fall is My Favorite


Happy Fall! My favorite season is here. It is finally starting to get a little chilly in Virginia, and the leaves are coming down. We took a road trip to see our friends in Alden, NY, which is near Buffalo (Canada!) and we went to the cutest pumpkin patch.

It seems the season goes by way too fast, so I have made a Fall Bucket List!

  • Pick pumpkins from a pumpkin patch!
  • Dress up for Halloween (me: Witch, Nick: refusing to dress up, but possibly Scottish kilt or baseball player LOL)
  • Buy Mums and (this is the important part) KEEP THEM ALIVE!
  • Go to a football game
  • Fall photos of Barley
  • Start running again (perfect weather for it!)
  • Take a professional photography course
  • Finish my closet
  • Create/finish new business page for Editing
  • Reach EC goal with Rodan and Fields
  • Get a massage
  • Go to Yoga and/or Meditation once a week

I am sure there are SO many more things I could put on this list, but that does it for now!

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