The Fall Closet

I clean out my closet every fall and I usually try to buy a few new staple items that I can wear repeatedly. I recently broke down and ordered Tom’s wedges that I have been wanting forever. I thought they’d be perfect with jeans and even to wear to work since we have a pretty casual office.

Toms wedges_nordstrom

I also bought a plaid scarf. I have been wanting one forever in neutral colors, and this one was not only on sale, but looked pretty classic.

plaid scarf_nordstrom

So excited for Fall clothes. I love boots, scarves, jackets, flannel, long underwear, and fun socks. Not only my favorite time of year, but my favorite time for the closet!


One thought on “The Fall Closet

  1. Update: I had to return the shoes because they were way too small! I have wide feet and I think that may be the problem. Too bad, I loved those shoes. I wish they came just a little wider. I LOVE the scarf and it has been a staple this fall. Except for today, because it is an unseasonable 80 degrees.


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