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The Fall Closet

I clean out my closet every fall and I usually try to buy a few new staple items that I can wear repeatedly. I recently broke down and ordered Tom’s wedges that I have been wanting forever. I thought they’d be perfect with jeans and even to wear to work since we have a pretty casual office.

Toms wedges_nordstrom

I also bought a plaid scarf. I have been wanting one forever in neutral colors, and this one was not only on sale, but looked pretty classic.

plaid scarf_nordstrom

So excited for Fall clothes. I love boots, scarves, jackets, flannel, long underwear, and fun socks. Not only my favorite time of year, but my favorite time for the closet!

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Feeling like Fall

Fall. The time where the air is cooler, the breeze more mysterious, possibilities seem endless. My favorite time of year. With fall comes Halloween, a day of pumpkins, happy kids running through neighborhoods, spirits lurking in every corner.

Then there is Thanksgiving, a day of family, friends, and football.

I love fall. I love new beginnings. I love fresh air, leaves crunching beneath my feet, scarves, and big cups of coffee.

I love the way I feel when fall arrives. Looking forward to biking, running, and new adventures.